2023 Internship program

This year's Internship Program has started, See you next Summer!

  • Orientation and Introduction to the company’s culture, goals, and vision. Introduction to the other interns and the team they will be working with.
  • Training on protocols, tools, and frameworks that will be used throughout the internship.
  • Project Planning, including developing a project plan that aligns with the company’s goals and vision. Skill Development sessions will also be held for each role.
  • Project Execution, with a focus on meeting milestones and deliverables. Peer Reviews will also be conducted during this time.
  • Project Execution continues, along with team building activities.
  • Finalizing Projects, making sure they meet the requirements and standards of the company. Presentations will also be conducted during this time.
  • Wrapping up the internship program with a final evaluation of the interns’ performance. Career Development sessions will also be held during this time.

Software Developer Intern

Graphic Designer Intern

Digital Marketer Intern

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Thursday JUNE 1 Internship Launch

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